Terms & Conditions Of Membership

1. HB Racing (“the Club”) owns the racehorse in training and is a racing club which confers upon its Members (for the duration of their membership of the Club) certain benefits associated with the Club’s ownership of the Horse.

2. The benefits of membership include the following:-

(a) An entitlement to receive regular updates on the day to day progress in training of the Horse.

(b) Chance to visit the racing stables where the horse is trained

(c) A pro-rata share (corresponding to 0.025%) of any prize money won by the Horse during the period of membership.

(d) An entitlement to participate in ballots held by the Club for free Owners’ and Parade Ring badges. (Those members who have benefitted from participating in such a ballot will be excluded from future ballots until all members of the Club have benefitted from participation.)

(e) An entitlement to receive a quarterly newsletter concerning the progress in training of the Horse.

(f) A welcome/gift pack on joining the Club.

(g) Regular emails and personal updates concerning the Horse.

(h) Stable parades at quarterly intervals.  You will have the opportunity to attend these and bring guests at a small cost.

3. (a) Membership runs to the end of the calendar year and therefore, irrespective of the date when a Member joins the Club, membership expires on 31st October 2019.

(b) An applicant for membership of the Club is entitled to cancel the application within fourteen (14) days of the application being accepted. An application to cancel membership shall be made to info@hbracing.co.uk.

4. The cost of membership in 2018 is Fifty Nine pounds (£59) including VAT irrespective of the date when the relevant Member joins.

5. Members are reminded that membership of the Club confers upon them an interest in the activities of the Club which does not amount to racehorse ownership. The horse will at all times remain the property of the Club; and the Members will acquire no ownership stake in it. All management decisions relating the Club will be made by the Club’s management and Members will have no management powers or role.

6. Membership is strictly non-transferrable and is personal to each Member. In the event of a Member’s death, membership lapses automatically. In no circumstances may a Member give, sell, transfer or lend his/her membership or offer such membership as security or put his/her membership to any commercial use. Members are advised that participation in this horseracing venture is not an investment and is to be engaged upon purely for the purposes of enjoyment and entertainment.

7. All printed or published material issued by the Club is material in which all copyright and other intellectual property rights and interests remain vested in the Club. Specifically, but without limitation the name “HB Racing Limited” and the Club logo are the Club’s property and are registered trade marks.

8. No person may apply for membership unless at least 18 years of age and the membership for any person who, having joined the Club, is found to be less than 18 years of age will be terminated immediately without refund.

9. VAT payable by Club members on their subscription will not be recoverable. However, the Club will be able to recover its VAT costs associated with the purchase, sale, racing and training of its horses and its ability to make this recovery plays an important part in keeping the costs to Members as low as possible.

10. (a) For the purposes of its business, the Club will inevitably hold and process (and will need to hold and process) data relating to its clients. Each Member of the Club specifically consents to the Club possessing and using such data PROVIDED THAT such data is used only in a manner and for purposes which are consistent with and proportionate to the purposes for which such data was put into the Club’s possession. The Club undertakes that it will not put such data to any use which does not satisfy the requirements of relevance, necessity and/or proportionality.

The Club further undertakes that it will comply with any reasonable requirement from a Member of the Club (or a former Member) to delete personal data relating to that person PROVIDED THAT such deletion is or has become legally necessary and/or the deletion would not defeat the legitimate purposes for which the data was provided and for which it is legitimately required.

(b) The Club has a Privacy Policy which is contained in a Privacy Statement set out on the Club’s website (www. hbracing.co.uk) and its use of personal data will be consistent with its Privacy Policy as set out in its Privacy Statement.